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Advanced Laser Equipment

The deep penetration of our Fotona Nd:YAG laser effectively eliminates even the deepest, hard-to-reach hair follicles, while being able to coagulate deep blood vessels and provide deep skin rejuvenation treatments. With low absorption of the Fotona Nd:YAG laser energy in skin chromophores you can treat all skin types, without thermally affecting the epidermis, providing a level of comfort other light-based treatments can not. The Fotona DualisXP Plus is your ideal choice for safe, patient friendly and effective hair removal and vascular treatments for all skin types.

Scanner Support for Superior Speed and Efficiency

The DualisXP Plus features Fotona's S-11 Nd:YAG scanner with an extraordinary 42 cm2 scan area for easier large area treatments. The S-11 scanner deposits shots in fixed patterns, and is thus far more accurate, faster and less tiring to use than handpieces. The DualisXP Plus is ideal for high treatment-volume practices.

Increased Efficacy in a Wide Treatment Range for All Skin Types

Low Nd:YAG energy absorption in skin chromophores avoids delivering surplus energy to the skin, thus ensuring higher comfort in all skin types and reducing the need for aggressive cooling, making treatments easier and more cost-effective. Nd:YAG energy also penetrates deeper into the skin to reach deep-lying structures for better results. The DualisXP Plus' high energy-generating capacity widens its treatment parameter range and enables the use of larger spotsizes for more effective and faster treatments. The DualisXP Plus effectively treats vascular structures, removes unwanted hair, and provides skin tightening, toning and texture improvements.

Technology for Unrivalled Safety, Precision and Patient Comfort

At a touch of a button, VSP technology accommodates parameters to treatment requirements, providing unrivalled ease-of-use. VSP technology avoids heating surrounding tissues ensuring precision, comfort and safety. Energy Feedback Control, only available from Fotona, actively matches the laser output energy to selected settings, for unmatched safety and confidence.



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